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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nash's Natter

We have always discussed with Nash his having Down syndrome. Sometimes its in passing like "she has Down syndrome too, just like you. Isn't that cool?" or I will explain how I know sometimes it gets more difficult to learn and to talk to his friends because he has Down syndrome, or about characteristics, as its like his brown hair, hazel eyes, etc...

I feel its important not to dwell on it, but incorporate it. I feel I would do that also if we adopted a child; talk about how he/she was born in our hearts, etc.

so with that said, Nash knows he has Down syndrome, and lately talks about it more. He asks for shows and says "Corky has Down syndrome, he's cool". Or when asking to see Child King; "I want Jeremy, Down syndrome." He picked up the copy of Mr. Blue Sky (TM I need to send that to you, remind me) and he said "Down syndrome movie". He sees pictures of our kids from the Tri21 board and says "William has Down syndrome".

Well, we drove into the Ft Worth Zoo and there was a young gal of Asian descent at the ticket booth. Nash yells out "SHE HAS DOWN SYNDROME"!! OMG.

THEN, we go out to eat at Chili's and Jeff and I were pretty sure an adorable boy in the boy behind us had Down syndrome, but Nash confirmed it when he said " HE IS DOWN SYNDROME" and pointed to him.

Now we need to work on Political Correctness and Person First Language!