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Monday, August 27, 2007

2nd tooth gone!

this one has taken a while to move....Nash doesn't move it around and tug on it...and the string method is OUT.

Tooth fairy came and went and unlike last time, this mom was a little more savvy about the coin!


Kei said...

Whoo hoo!!!
Looks like he teeth are nice and even ... very nice. William's bottom one came in quite askew.

The Rocking Pony said...

What a tiny little milestone. We've got so much to look forward to.

Kari said...

aww Nash has nice teeth. The tooth fairy has passed by our house a few times and forgot to stop in she must have been busy those nights. ;) Sweet milestone!!

Shannon **Gabi's Mom** said...

Yippee! Love those milestones!

L. Noelle said...

Hi There! I handed you an award today and hopefully you can stop by to pick it up! Best Wishes to you and the missing teeth!

Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

He looks so to love these great milestones.

mum2brady said...

Whooo hooo - although I can hardly believe Nash is big enough to be losing teeth! Glad the Tooth Fairy made it to your place :) Ours is always a little late ;)

Congrats Nash!!!

Mauzy said...

Well the 2nd too actually hung on too long, and the permanent grew in behind it. So we got the boy to be a brave soldier and once we did, he banged it on a trampoline and it came out! hee hee

Hi noelle! thank you so much!!