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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Tooth Is Gone!


Nash's tooth has been loose for a couple of weeks, and I was worried I would miss him losing it at school. Luckily (I never thought I would say that after the past 6 days) I was home with him when he lost it! We were driving around, going to the park as it is 75 degrees today, and he is finally feeling better, and he was whining that his tooth hurt. I stopped and got some oragel and put it on (with great struggle from the little guy I might add!) and about 2 minutes later I heard from the back seat MY TOOTH IS GONE! I looked back and saw blood everywhere on his face! I pulled into the park and sure enough it was gone. I thought he swallowed it, but I found it in the booster seat! So into the keepsake box it goes for the tooth fairy tonight! Hmmmmmmm how much does the Tooth Fairy shell out these days parents??

Edited: The tooth fairy left 5 bucks! And a letter........and one from Gaga and Ollie too....


Anonymous said...

Well first I want to tell you that I just love his keepsake box.

He looks too cute with his teeth missing.

Chandler received $2 per tooth when he lost his.

Betsy said...

From an experienced mother - don't go overboard with the $$ for the first tooth - there are still many to lose, and you don't want to set that bar too high, lol.

That was my big mistake with Dakotah - I gave her something crazy like $10 for her first tooth!

Tara Marie said...

Congratulations Nash!!! Wow, your first lost are getting to be such a big boy!

I hope the Tooth Fairy leaves you with a treasure and lots of fairy dust to sprinkle everywhere!

Our tooth fairy in NJ brings a dollar!

trisomymommy said...

Congratulations Nash!
I used to get a quarter (in New Jersey). Adjusted for inflation, I think that would be about $.86 today. But it would be kind of weird to give a kid $.86, I guess.

Hmm.... is there some creative way to turn tooth loss into a math/money lesson?

Mauzy said...

thanks ladies! Now...what about the dog tooth??

Mauzy said...

trimommy (hey you HAVE to get a new bloggy name!)

I would think that if you got 25 cents and adjusted for inflation from New JOISEY it is now .86 that you are pretty damn young!

trisomymommy said...

hmmm... maybe I miscalculated.

Ok. You're right. Give me a new name.

mum2brady said...

Five bucks!!!! Are you nuts?? You're making our tooth fairy look bad - I'm not letting my kids read this - hee hee. $1 per tooth is what she leaves at our house (and only if your room is clean - er - and she doesn't forget ;)

Congrats Nash and Seger!!!