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Friday, August 04, 2006

Our boy is growing up. Last day of preschool!

first day of preschool at age 3

Nash has his last day of preschool camp today. Wow, it seems like he just started his last year of preschool!


Kindergarten here we come!


The Imperfect Christian said...

Wow, you better get ready to hand over the car keys! That boy is a growin' into one handsome little man!

mum2brady said...

Hope Nash had a great day! He looks so grown up these days! Whooo hooo Nash - kindergarten is a blast! When do you start???

Beth said...

Yay Nash!
I hope kindergarten goes well for your little Nash. He looks ready for anything!

All moved in at your new place?

Tara Marie said...

Can you believe it....our babies are not longer preschoolers, but on the cusp of being big Kindergartners!!! I love these pictures.

amy flege said...

what a handsome lil kindergartener... i bet he will have soooo much fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow, my youngest boy will start kindergarten in the fall too. Time flies doesn't it?

Mauzy said...

I still can't believe Kindergarten starts in a week! Nash is ready, as he asked this morning "When is school"!

Beth said...


Can you believe what a small world it is?

When Julie started talking about her new neighbors, I only heard a sentence or two before I said..."I KNOW THEM!!!" How cool!

Jessica said...

Hello, I just read your blog for the first time, can't wait to read more! Before I know it, my little guy will be starting pre-school... I can't wait to see that day! Nash is such a handsome little guy!