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Monday, August 15, 2005

Nash's First Day of School - Hello its August 15th!!

Who starts school August 15th? This is crazyness. While it's a bit different in our household since Nash has been in summer camp since I returned to full time employment last year, and not at home driving mom crazy, oh wait I digress..... it is a bit strange starting school mid-August. Good thing Nash is so darned genetically entwined with both of us; he has the sturdy "I can handle anything and I will be positive" attitude from Dad (and mom most times) and the "I love books and learning" part from mom. But there was a little bit of genetics left off at the drop off and pick up today; WHERE IS THE SWIMMING POOL? Yes, Nash has had access to and total fulfillment of, a massive waterpark all summer during camp-At the same location as his preschool. Think this leads to a bit of turmoil during the first day of school when they don't get to go to the waterpark?


or is there a Hebrew word I should use there, Anyone? Nash is at JCC, Jewish Community Center private preschool, totally included, no paraprofessional, with support therapy. So he is actually learning three languages; American Sign Language (which he doesn't use much anymore) from the school district and Mom, Hebrew, and English (from the speech therapist and most importantly, the other children that surround him daily yapping away, in the most typical jargon, which for inclusion modes of study, works best for our son.) But now he says Hebrew prayers along with our Christian prayers; we know they arrive at the same destination.

But really, I am a Labor Day baby. We always started school after Labor Day, believe me I remember because my birthday was always just celebrated right before school; now that I have a child I know my mom and dad saved lots of money.

I just know this is the second year of school for our Nashtaters, and I still cry. Tears of joy knowing he is making friends, tears of anxiety wondering if he is doing well or if he is better off at home with mom and her anxieties, and tears of wonderment, that he explodes in development each time I see him.

Of course, any other explosion hopefully occurred prior to picking him up.

Mouth Full of Waffle Smile

Are we done with the pictures yet?

Bye Mom! I will be fine! (and he was- more than fine, he shined)


Tara Marie said...

Oh the first day of school! Nash you are so handsome and getting to be such a big boy!

I'm with you on Labor Day,,,this is the first year ever, that our school district is starting school before Labor Day.

clew said...

Look at your little man! What a joy he must be!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Just wanted to take a moment to tell you, perhaps I used the wrong choice of phrase when I said my heart ached for the little girl's parents. I simply meant that I wish everyone could see and understand the beautiful person their child is as they do. This is where I'm sorry - the world loses out, and I just wish the parents were able to see that everyone saw the beauty of their little girl as they do.

I'll be peeking in on you and Nash now ~ see ya later :D

Belovedlife said...

I think it's great that your little Nash is going to the JCC. I think it is so neat when kids from different background are able to come together and learn about each other.
Good luck this year in school. I look forward to hearing more about Nash.