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Thursday, August 18, 2005

4-legged Siblings

As you know from the "Dear Refrigerator" entry, Nash has a wonderful sibling, albeit a 4-legged one-Rudy the lab. We used to often wonder if indeed this sibling would be sufficient for Nash per Dr. Sears, Brazelton et al. Ok. I did anyway. It no longer is an issue, it just is. And Nash seems to be fine with it, and so are we.

While I grew up with golden retrievers who are still my breed of choice, Rudy the lab came into our lives as a "rescue pup"; and we claimed him as ours. Nash and Rudy have a typical love/hate relationship. Rudy loves to do his play growlies around Nash and pretend he really hates the "bother" of a child, Nash pretends to be bothered by Rudy's inability to stay still for massive hugs and yes, even impulsive hits. Yet each day, they play "can you catch me" and "ring around the dining room table with a stuffed animal" which is a blast to watch. Until, sometimes as with typical "siblings" someone gets "hurt". Game over. "Mom, Rudy hurt toe"! ok, the Lab doesn't care about grinding his toenails into your foot. Goldens on the other hand would say, "oh, I am so sorry, can I lick your foot in order to alleviate the pain?"

Chip the golden- Nash's "Uncle"
Goldens are also fun to dress up. Bubba, Chips daddy.

Our beloved Golden RJ died shortly after my dad passed away February 2002. My dad was only 71, RJ was only 9 (63 in human years). Heart and lung issues contributed to my dad's shortened life, RJ had cancer. Everyday I wish not only could my dad be here, with me and Nash, but also that RJ could grow up with Nash. RJ actually helped with physical therapy with Nash, little did he know!
RJ and Nash

Nash also loves and loved his Aunt Mimi's dogs. One was Yogi, a rescue lab who is now crossed Rainbow Bridge along with RJ's brother Eli. Nash still keeps both of them in his prayers at night.
Now she has a lab rescue, Hunter. Nash loves to play with him on the slip and slide.

How we love all our "children"!


BStrong said...

Great pictures of Nash and the dogs. I too like Golden Retrievers, but have only owned a German Shepard, Husky, and Collie. I am currently dogless because we can’t find the time to really take care of them. I come from a family of dog owners; my wife comes from a family of cat owners, so we have two cats. They drive me nuts.

I will come back and visit.


Mauzy said...

B- I so understand the time aspect. I have always been an animal lover; rode horses, had racoons growing up, bunnies, hamsters, dogs, cats, but once you start "real" life, work full time and children, gads! You realize how much time and effort goes into loving your animals, and how much you really hate hair in your mouth, and yes, refrigerator. Thanks for coming by.