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Friday, August 26, 2005

Don't you just love the State Fair?

You either love it or hate it I have found, nothing in between. My husband is one of those "love it" people. He can spend hours in the convention buildings going through booths and booths of, ahem, stuff. I on the other hand hate that aspect of it, especially when its 95 degrees, Nash is not too happy being in the jogger and there is no way I am going to walk with him hand-in-hand through 1000 people that crowd these building in order to get into airconditioning. But we did it, briefly. At least we didn't add to the 4 bottles of Ultra Shine Car Wax collection in the garage.

The fun part was oh so fun, for Nash anyway. Politically incorrect as it comes, we rode our first elephant!

And wow, for me? Well I just kept envisioning the reason that elephant rides are not only politically incorrect but downright dangerous- elephant's rampaging.

I tried not to freak out completely.

The ultimate was Nash's first cotton candy!

And the lesson learned? (yes we seem to always learn some lesson at each outing, as parents. This is our first dry run you know). Moms don't take your 4 year old on the
Screaming Demon, no matter how much he likes the loud rock music. Yup, have Dad take him.


Annette (Ryan's mom) said...

Only one comment - the kid's 4 1/2 and this is his FIRST cotton candy?? LOL Gotta go to more state fairs nash! From a fair/carnival/event lover! (we're off to RibFest tonight and the Buskers Festival tomorrow)

Tara Marie said...

I'm a 'Love it' kinda gal.....looks like so much fun!

and riding elephants has to be the coolest thing in the whole world. I rode my first elephant at the Bronx Zoo!

and I agree with Annette,,,,his FIRST cotton candy? I bet it was delicious!

Belovedlife said...

What great memories made, oones neither you nor nash will ever forget. Fairs are so should go more often. I'm enjoying your blog...glad I found it..

Mauzy said...

About the cotton candy thing. I think it was more of a cotton candy aversion on Nash's part than a Mommy deprivation issue. Heck he wouldn't even eat the frozen reece cups!

mmmmmmm I'm hungry. thanks all for coming by.

BStrong said...

I remember when I was at a state fair, I was probably 6 and I saw a cork gun that was calling my name. My parents doing the right thing did not get it for me. I still had tons of fun, but isn't it strange that I remember that gun so many years later. I am scarred for life.
Great blog,