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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Bye mom and dad!!

Bye mom and dad!!
Originally uploaded by Nashtaters.
the last picture taken; too many emotions running! Of course I followed the bus, and found out I was following the wrong bus once I got to school!! I followed the bus from our main road, but apparently Nash's bus turned north before I saw it, and I followed another bus right to the elementary school
I waited (in hiding) to watch Nash come off the bus, but no Nash! (feel my heart pounding?) and then a mom from TBall this summer came up behind me to see her son get off the bus and head to his K class - then I saw Nash get off that same bus. Whew. Nash was holding hands with a first grade boy that came to our house and offered to walk Nash and our neighbors boy who was also in first grade (his first year in public school) to class. There they were; three boys holding hands on their way into school. Nash wanted nothing to do with the aide at the entrance that was there to assist him to class- he wanted his buds. So the boys walked to Nash's class!

I have a batch of cookies to bake!

We did it! Congrats to you our big boy - who also went to bed at 7:30 tonight!


Kris said...

Way to hard to believe he is in kindergarten...where did that little baby go. Can't wait to hear how much fun he has!

mum2brady said...

Whooo hooooo~ WTG Nash! You are such a Big Boy now!!!! Too funny about following the wrong bus though - hee hee! Sooo happy he had such a great day!!!

Tara Marie said...

Awe.....look at Nash go....what a big boy he is getting to be....and I'm laughing about your following the bus [and the wrong bus at that]...I followed Katrina's bus off to Kindergarten [the rest just got an extra prayer! lol!]

Anonymous said...

I am so glad his first departure went well, even if mom did follow the right bus :)

Tammy and Parker said...

I am absolutely thrilled that Nash had such a wonderful start to his school year.

You will have to write down your version of his first day of school and put it in his scrapbook. He's sure to get such a kick out of reading about how you followed the wrong bus!

Mauzy said...

Hey, where DID my baby go? And they joke about the 'short bus'; what about the newest joke -"the bus mommy followed that wasn't"

oh and about that Nash scrapbook...think this could be my first entry? LOL

amy flege said...

I can just picture it.. them walking hand in hand too school!! Wonder what they were talking about? lol!!

Nicole said...

BOO HOO BOO, my baby boy is growing up. WWAAHH! I'm so proud of him, and of you Mommy! :)

Kari said...

Hurray for Nash. It's been a while since I laughed and cried so hard all at once. I'm glad you found the right bus in the end and got to see your big boy head off to class with his buddies! :)