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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Play Ball!

Take me out to the TBall game, take me out to the field,
buy him some ball pants and baseball cleats
I don't care if I forgot our darned seats

Cuz its hit the T then run to the base
Just like a natural pro!

And its one, two, three hits, YOU'RE IN
on the T-Ball team!!

Too much fun, our first T-Ball practice, and Nash did great and most importantly, had so much fun! Look at the different sizes of 5 year olds!! (yes, all "typical" with one special guy) It was hilarious when all the outfielders ran to get the ball and collided head one.............ouch!

Keep you posted through the season!

Oh aren't "they" always SO SWEET! He was tired of me taking pictures!

Swing batter batter

OK, good hit, now run! No over there! Run to First!

Sliding into Third, backwards! (now how did that happen?)
Now run home!
Dirty knees, the sure sign of a ballplayer!


Tara Marie said...

Yeah have lots of fun young man...Tball is just the beginning! I can't see the pictures, wahhhhh!

Mauzy said...

Ok, now they are posted! I can't figure out a good way to upload those HUGE Canon Rebel shots!

Betsy said...

Baseball!!! Yay!!!

Wayne is starting t-ball and Little League in our town this year...we expected 20 or 30 signups and have 150...oy!! What are we going to do with 150 kids who have never played ball?!?!

Have a blast, I guess!!

Remember, its not which way you run the bases...its how hard you hit the ball...

er...or something like that!!!

The Imperfect Christian said...

T-ball at that age is SO much fun!! The kids have a blast and they are so entertaining to watch! He looks like he had a blast!

Mauzy said...

Ok Bets, I have to that your foot?

Nicole said...

I have to come back to see him play! How adorable! My little athlete!