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Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter

Nash at 2.....couldn't help it!

Nash had Wed afternoon and Thursday off beause of Passover (he goes to a Jewish faith based private preschool) and we had Friday off due to Good Friday, so we had a nice little vacation. Nash loved his Easter baskets! Dinner with Gaga, and Mimi at Gaga's house, and Easter egg hunting!

Now if the hail and tornadoes would just quit bothering us things would be great! Whew, its been a wild ride these past few days in the midwest! Golfball size hail, and huddled in the hall........our new house will have a basement for sure.

We thought Nash was a little quiet and found the evidence- Nash decided he couldn't wait until the frosting made the cake!

I found it!

Easter Egg hunting at Gaga's!

I love chocolate!


RNP said...

Happy Easter to you as well! Love that cake photo-I have seen this happen mysteriously in our one will admit they ate it.

Bon said...

My son calls my mom "GaGa" too and until now I have never met anyone else that did. :)

Nicole said...

Hey he scraped a bunny shape into that frosting! Do you see it? He is brilliant and an artist!!!!

Tara Marie said...

Oh how I love the cake thief photograph.....and Nash at two...I can't believe our babies aren't babies anymore. Happy Easter Jan, Jeff and Nash,,,I've been thinking about all my midwest friends with this crazy, dangerous weather.

Mauzy said...

Well, my mom did not "choose" Gaga, her other grandson gave it to her and she reluctently accepted.

oh yeah, a bunny! Now I see it (and of course he did it on purpose lol)

The Imperfect Christian said...

Who needs frosting when you've got CAKE at your disposal?? Go Nashinator!!

Michelle said...

Nash looks like he really enjoyed himself - cute photos!