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Thursday, April 06, 2006

More pictures from the visit with T's Family

We had a fun, albeit chilly, day at the zoo. Nash loved cuddling with Marley on the train (he loves her!) and the girls loved the dolphin show! Here they are giving the "jump" sign to the dolphins

Marley running free!

Nicole and Emery relaxing!

Nash ponders his many girls, so many decisions....

The Ice Cream Truck came by at 5pm......what a tease!

Sandboxes are fun

Chalking your hands helps on the bars says Darrah, and she and Marley go at it!

Darrah crossing..........

Marley crossing.........

Nash thinking, again

Its bedtime!

Reading a book...sweet dreams!

Then Nic and I got to toast some margaritas ! Here's to good friends and wonderful family!


RNP said...

It looks like you have a wonderful visit. So nice you were able to get together.

Annette said...

I'm so glad you had such a good visit (and obviously got to drink some margaritas!) You two are such special women and you look beatuiful in that picture!

Nicole said...

Great pics Jan! :) And thanks Annette, you are TOO sweet! Jan IS beautiful inside and out! I wish you could have been with us this time too!

mum2brady said...

What great pics - looks like you and Nicole had a blast! Not to mention the kids ;) What a beautiful bunch of children - I love Nash's pondering pics, and Nicole's Darrah looks like the best big sister anyone could ever have :) Thanks for sharing!!!

Mauzy said...

ok, so who is going to organize our first annual Tri21 IRL?


Michelle said...

Loved all the pics! Looks like it was such a great visit! How fun! I'm up for a T21 online IRL ... but not the organizing part! LOL

The Imperfect Christian said...

Ya'll look like you had a blast! Nash has his hands full with all those cute chicks!