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Monday, April 03, 2006

My 5 gals are coming!

Jeff and Tarenne last year

Nicole and the four girls are coming tonight and Nash (and we!) is (are) so, so excited! He is off all week for spring break and Jeff and I are taking certain days off to be with him. Today he was in the back seat of the car counting all the girls on his fingers, saying "Nicole, Darrah, Tarenne, Marwey, Emwrybaby, FIVE!"

We will have lots of pics to blog soon!

UPDATE- ok here is Nash getting ready for the gals' visit- He had to use hair mousse and get his hair JUST RIGHT

Then I left the bathroom, thought it was too quiet, and found that Nash thought he better cover up those blemishes

Don't forget to check Nicole's Blog for a hilarious shot of Tarenne saying "Whatchadoinwillis" when Nash put his arm around Peyton!


Tara Marie said...

You best be sharing them there pictures, cause this sounds like it is going to be such a fun, happy, silly, loud and joyful gathering! Nash and his harem!!!!

Betsy said...

I hope you all had lots of fun!!! I bet Nic and the gang bring lots of laughter and love to your house...and the girls must lavish Mr. Nash with wonderful to be the only boy in a crowd of women...he'll grow to appreciate that more as the years go by, lol.

And what a handsome picture of Tarenne and you're husband...he's very Hughie Lewis looking...hubba hubba!


Nicole said...

I love Nash's preparations. Okay, I just LOVE Nash!

Mauzy said...

LOL Tara, Jeff wants to know if that's a compliment?? T

hese days when they are young are so, so fun, which I could bottle them up!

RNP said...

Oh my goodness, I missed Nash preparing for his visitors... what a love shade of cover up little guy!