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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Boys, each having Down syndrome, score 3 pointers!

Nash watched his video below, scoring in his last Upward Bound basketball game this weekend, and then yelled THREE POINTS! While Upward Bound 2nd graders don't keep score, this shot would indeed have been a three, or as coach said, maybe FOUR points!

I reminded Nash of the recent video on national news where Patrick Thibideau dropped two three pointers in a game. Nash said "yep, just like me!"

Maybe there should be accommodations put in place so kids with IEP's can play varsity sports. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


All 4 My Gals said...

THAT is awesome!

AZ Chapman said...

totaly need to have this on a IEP. I wounder how ms H would have taken this she was at my last IEP and coaches jv soccer said...

About 5 minutes after Parker was born, Reed told me that he knew just the spot he planned for displaying all of Parker's sports trophies. Sports have played a HUGE role in the lives of all my kids.

Reed and Parker spend lots of time watching games on TV. Reed cheers, Parker cheers!

One day he'll be playing. :D

CharmingDriver said...

Wait, are you saying kids w/ IEPs aren't eligible to play on school sponsored teams? If so, that is some serious bullsh...well. You get my point. That's whacked.

Miss Magic said...

Jonah and Archie think Nash plays basketball like a star!