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Friday, October 17, 2008

Palin comes to Noblesville Indiana ....

or Nobletucky Indiana as we proudly call it.

It was interesting to say the least. I am a mom of a child with Down syndrome, registered Republican, work for a Republican Attorney General, vote Republican, but this year will be voting for GREG ZOELLER for Attorney General, and Barack Obama for President.

Palin comes to our town, Noblesville, so we got tickets (through the regular channels although I tried to pull the State employee GOP ticket as well as the Ds card to get VIP's to no avail!) and headed out after Big Dawg got home about 4:30. The gates opened at 1 pm, and 24 thousand were coming, lines were starting at noon, and traffic was backed up for 2 hrs it was reported, but we took back roads (sorry honey for thinking we were in some Ohio county ... lost) and got there about 5:20 pm. Palin was scheduled to speak at 5:30. I packed picnic snacks thinking we would just hang and see if we could catch a glimps and show her Nash's Down syndrome Awareness Month/Will McCain/Palin Fully Fund I.D.E.A? signs ... then here she comes!

Big Dawg called it as he saw the helicopters overhead following her caravan...and we were right by the access road next to the Verizon Center when the motorcycles and her caravan came in....she saw Nash, smiled big smiles, waved and of course my camera chose this moment not to fire. But oh was fun.

So then we went into the Verizon Center to see how far away we would be, and I ran into another Deputy Attorney General from the State who said her VIP pass wasn't allowed. Yes, big issues for the VIP tickets! VIP's were given tickets for 100 phone calls, yet those weren't fulfilled.

Mitch our gov decided he had other obligations..and didn't attend. To me that is embarrassing for the State Republican party, so Becky Skillman gave the intro. Palin came on, and did the rah rah's and she is awesome for that.

Its unfortunate that McCain/Palin don't have a set disability policy. I don't want a speech about how "you have a friend in the White House" if they are elected; we want policy, position and not reteric.

We don't need more friends, we need fully funded programs, which Obama has promised, McCain has not.

Bad Cripple says a good blog post here.

Here is her stance: the mission we want to be on in helping our families with children with special needs and making sure that those families know that we will make this nation a welcoming nation for all children and those who are quite vulnerable will have a friend and an advocate in the White House. So I'll help John McCain on that also.

Will Obama's promises to fully fund I.D.E.A. pan out? Hopefully so. If not, then there is another election in 4 years.

Nash had his photo taken with the sign, so if he shows up on some AP blog let us know!

Dang, I didn't get to talk to Senator Palin, she flew by too fast in her caravan! And where is Trig?

We are leaving our message in Noblesville Indiana

Senator Palin enters Noblesville Verizon Center

Hamilton County Indiana Republican Crowd

Daddy, Wave!

Ok, anything for you son erg

So, what is your name young man? AP photographers get in his face....


Amy said...

I am with you on that. I don't want a friend in the white house, I want funding. Period. The end.

Anonymous said...


Typical liberal thinking - what can I get for me.

Robin said...

It sounds like an exciting day. Nash looks so sad in that first picture, kind of like the parade passed him by. I guess it did. I hope I see his photo somewhere else. He's so darn cute!

Mauzy said...

anonymous- I see you are another one that likes "labels". I have gotten used to labels due to having a child with special needs and find that labels merely exist to try and pidgeon-hole in an effort to simplify thought and process. I see you are using the same tactic.

you betcha I put my son's interests first.

What do you vote for? If you had a link I would be able to determine that, but you prefer to name call and accuse instead of create dialog. I think there is a "label" for that........

Andreas said...

I'm very glad you did not change your mind just because Sarah Palin has a child with DS.

Kim Ayres wrote a very nice post regarding this topic:

Is Sarah Palin One of Us?

All 4 My Gals said...

Anon, funny but I see liberals thinking more in the line of "who can we help?" Interesting.

I'm not sure who you are saying is a republican in name only and what that would mean or really matters?

I'm glad to be surrounded by people like Jan who think for themselves, research the candidates and vote as informed citizens instead of just pulling a party lever.