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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Palin.... a "Breast" of Fresh Air?

ok, I am a woman
I am a mother of a child with Down syndrome.
I am a registered Republican

Yet, I am planning to vote for Obama based on his stance for fully funding IDEA which McCain has not said he will do.

And now this is another reason I will vote for Obama

I will NOT stand for a Presidential candidate slip like this..... Palin is not a BREAST of fresh air. This comment flew out the TV screen, flipped up in the air, and just FFFPPPPFPH before I even comprehended what it actually meant. Yes, it MEANT something.

But we will be at Noblesville Indiana's Verizon Center, with our son, on Friday to hear Palin speak......... so, Palin, you need to persuade the masses who have children with disabilities about the plan....... As far as fully funding IDEA McCain has none.


AZ Chapman said...

I was worried for awhile jan that y were going to vote mc cain b/c of sarah palin thanks for makeing history happen

stop by my blog soon

Tamara said...

Did he say that in the debate last night? I think Shawen started talking and I missed the "Palin's wonderful because" part.

Did you catch the part where he talked about disabilities and only mentioned Autism and then said something about Palin knowing about that? I think I know what he meant, but it really sounded like he thought Palin's son had autism.

Amanda said...

I must have been brain-dead, cause I totally missed this. Wow, Freudian slip much?
@ Tamara: I think Sarah Palin has a nephew who has Autism, I think that's what McCain was talking about. I personally am glad that they are at least talking about special needs in the run-up to the election. Ds or not, it's good to get the cause of ALL kids with special needs in the spotlight.