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Friday, May 09, 2008

Mothers just doesn't get any better....

It's Mother's Day weekend. One that I thought always was for my mom, and other moms. Not me. I am the woman that worked hard to get her degrees, and always knew that if and when I wanted children, well then POOF they would be there, and I would have my mother's day. No one told me that with age, the eggs decrease, and the chances of being a mom become nil. Research queen that I am, that was the last subject I ever sought out on the internet when I was "full of eggs"...oh yeah, the internet wasn't around then. I digress.

Now, I have been blessed by being part of Mother's Day. Now, I love to share my Mommy Moments. So you all just have to indulge me.

Here is one when Nash was three, I so love this!

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And one year ago, Nash wrote his name for me for Mothers Day and I got Dog Art. Wow.

Today I cried when Nash brought home his little, simple, photocopied book for Mothers Day. Why you ask? Because the writing under each simple picture was done by him, in his handwriting, which is his biggest delay. I know how much he struggled with each letter, each word. I know he probably got his card "turned" (the school discipline) on Wednesday because he was working on this, and didn't want to write...but it was for his "Mother's Day project". For me. THAT makes me cry.

I got a text from a co-worker with a picture of her son's Mother's day project. He had sewn a little blanket for her. As a mom she shared her joy, just am I am here. But her son is five.

And it's ok, because she didn't get Dog Art. I did.

Happy Mother's Day!


Sara said...

Oh Jan I just love him to death :)

Happy Mother's Day to you too!

Anonymous said...

As I'm reading your posting, I'm thinking, "Dog Art? What could she possibly mean?" So when I actually saw the photos, I laughed out loud. Thanks for my morning chuckle. My "babies" are now 13 and 15; there's a corner in my living room that still has orange crayon art on the wall - and I'll never try to take it off ...


melody is slurping life said...

So glad you had a fabulous Mom Day.

And I ADORE the dog art! ROTFLOL