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Saturday, October 20, 2007

I LOVE October! Get it Down 31 for 21: Post 20

Ok, beside that it is Buddy Walk month and Down syndrome Awareness Month, I love October because of the crisp air, beautiful changing leaves, impending fires in the fireplace, and HALLOWEEN! Yes, I love Halloween almost as much as Christmas.

Today we went the Pumpkin Train to a pumpkin patch, and had a grand time. Here are pics of the day:

sweet kid kisses
Is it an egg or a pumpkin?
ewww we don't want that rotten thing!

And ya know...most days Down syndrome just doesn't factor into the day, at all. but I will put the button on, just becauseGet It Down; 31 for 21


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos. I love the one with the goat.


Stephanie said...

I love the one of Nash sitting on the pumpkin

Karen said...

Looks like so much fun! I love seeing Nash's photo, he's just so incredibly cute.

Annette said...

Looks like fun - wish we were there! I know my boys would love the train ride. I love the "pumpkin or egg" picture! LOL

Shelley said...

You Yanks and your pumpkin farms! They take such great photoes - I am definitely going to have to find one here - even if I have to travel up north into QLD to do it!

Tammy and Parker said...

Such time! Beautiful day, handsome kid, wonderful photos!