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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Courageous Blogger Award

Pam, over at Rhett's Journey bestowed a Courageous Blogger Award upon me. Me. When it is Pam, and Tammy, and many, many mothers of children with difficult medical issues should be awarded this title. Wow. I am speechless. She says:

Anyways, Jan is a true friend, and is always there when I need her. She is a wonderful advocate for her son Nash, who just entered the first grade. When I first got on the Internet, and started researching Down Syndrome, I ran across a video that Jan had made for a fathers day gift for her husband. It showed the most wonderful pictures of Nash and his daddy. After watching that, it was then that I realized that Rhett was going to be just like any other little boy. She also has helped me by lifting me up when I am feeling down. Thank you Jan, for helping me through the rough times, and being a true friend. You are one of the most courageous people I know.

Thank you Pam. But I have to pass this award my husband, BigDawg.

HE is the one that allows me to be courageous. I could have easily folded when Nash was born. He was strong. He takes Nash to the bus each morning and is home when he gets off the bus most days. He helps start DADS and wants to return to being active with the guys soon. He's there to email or talk to a dad with a new Tri21 diagnosis at the drop of a hat. He leads our advocacy efforts with energy and passion. He changed his whole career so he could assist those with disabilities in the workplace. And now he is getting ready to change again. He has forged ahead with Janus and created a new energy in the company, better employees and consumers. He pushed those that needed to be out of the workshop into the inclusive workplace, many times against the desires of the parents who ended up agreeing due to Jeff's persistance. He is leaving Janus next month though, and he isn't doing it because of being unhappy with his position as CEO. He's doing it for us. To create a better economic foundation for Nash's future. To possibly allow me to return to being a stay at home mom in the near future.

He's courageous in ways I never could be. Thank you honey. I love you.


Beth said...

Sounds like Jeff is pretty awesome. I'm lucky to have an awesome one too who also modeled strength and courage for me at at time when I wasn't very full of either.
Congrats on the award!