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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Costco, don'tcha love it?

Jeff, Nash and I love to go to Costco. Yup, we love to spend mega, unnecessary money on a family of three, taste and sample, and taste and sample. We go infrequently, because of our oh so spendy habits once we make Costco our rendezvous of choice. Nash has a mantra.... I LOVE COSTCO! (Hey think we could get paid for ex-intellectual property attorney brain is working on it)


So we go, and this time we get TWO carts. One for items, one for Nash, as he is now loving to really shop, and that means without me or Jeff. We plunk Nash in one cart, and I take the other because, well, I leave them basically in the dust as I head off on my merry way hee hee. No, we meet up here and there, swap child cart for food cart, then carry one, list in hand that never really matters.

One reason we love Costco is the inclusive atmosphere, really. Have you ever found an unhappy person in Costco? Nash is always saying hi here, hi there, hi "insert person he thinks looks like someone he knows" here. All smiles.

I use Costco for free food experiments too. Nash try the Salmon steaks...ooooooooh Omega 3! Good for brain food...we need lots of that! He goes for it. It goes in the cart.

Oh Nash, try the whole wheat crackers with Parmesan cheese...NOPE no go...that would have gotten the picky eater to get whole wheat and cheese in the the lady with the samples asks me, looking at Nash no doubt seeing the circles under his eyes " Does he have immunity issues"? I said "no, just 6 year old picky eater issues and little sleep during our vacation."

And Down syndrome, but that has no issue in this post. hee hee


Nicole said...

Just another reason why we should have moved to IN. LOL We actually don't have one here yet. Maybe you and I can sneak off together next time I'm in town.

trisomymommy said...

I joined last year in order to buy diapers there. In addition to diapers, I buy enormous jars of cashews, toilet paper quantities too large to fit in the bathroom, and lots of un-necessities. Argh, now I have the costco itch...

Tammy and Parker said...

I LOVE me my Costco trips. It is about the only monthly outing I get these days.

Alas, I shop with MAJOR list in hand budgeted down to the penny. With a family MY size there is no such thing as 'quantities too big', lol!

Michelle said...

thanks for the congrats! we're very excited!

~Melissa~ said...

Costco trips can be very addicting. I have some co-workers that go there so they have some snacks instead of lunch!

Laura Q said...

We can't go there without spending at least $300 each time. I can't stand it! Plus we have no room to store 36 rolls of toilet paper, 18 boxes of tissues, 10 gallons of laundry detergent, 5 jugs of peanut butter......get the picture?!

Tara Marie said...