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Friday, April 13, 2007

It's Always Something :)

Nash's elementary school had "Grandparents or Special Person Day" today, and Nash's Gaga (my mom) and Grandma (Jeff's Mom) both attended. Nash welcomed them with open announcement to the class, big hugs and then they settled down to a lesson about seeds and matching colors to seeds, along with writing what the seeds would soon become....Nash gave both grandmas a card with his pink Chicago tulip picture on it, along with his new school picture thanking them for coming to grandparents day. I just imagine my dad, Nash's Chuck Chuck, and how he would have loved this visit to Nash's school today. I know he watched from above......

Then my mom left and Jeff's mom went back to her speech pathology association conference (yes, my mother-in-law is a speech therapist! How lucky are we??) and Nash went on to his Goddard afternoon K class. I loved hearing about the day from my mom and Jeff's mom - I can't ever get enough feedback from any teacher, para, principal, or child that has any connection to my child during the day while I am away from him. As a matter of fact, I think a legislated mandated camera into my son's classroom with internet hook up to my work computer isn't an unreasonable request of the legislature, do you? (I thought those thoughts were supposed to wane after the 3-5 weaning period......sigh.)

Anywho... Jeff picked Nash up from Goddard as he always does, and we (Jeff, Nash, Grandma and Me) went to PF Changs for dinner. Don't you love Lettuce Wraps!

So we all meet up at PF Changs. I eat, we eat, and it's all a social whirlwind. Nash tells us he has to go to the bathroom, I take him knowing its an opportunity for social banter for him and that's why he has this urge to find the bathroom; So from the table to the bathroom, and while in the bathroom and while exiting the bathroom to our table.... "hi, what's your name" "Hi, I'm Nash" "I like your mustache" "Hi Mr. Douglas" (from Shaggy Dog...the movie) "like your shoes" "insert some line he has memorized from a movie here".....sigh Yes, I wanted him to be verbal, and yes, he is now six, very verbal and now all of a sudden I want him to be quiet! :)

then we have another moment. A woman comes over to our table after we have finished eating. Nash is now in my lap as its about 7pm and he has been going nonstop for 12 hours. She says to Nash "we have a Tigger fan here"...I didn't follow until I saw that she pointed to Nash's striped orange shirt he had on, which also had a generic football player on it and said, "well we are big football fans". Then she said "you are just adorable"! to Nash. She is about 50, and I wonder if she is part of the speech pathology conference that my MIL is other radar goes up as usually its someone that has a child with Ds or knows a child, or has some connection that comes up to us. I am sorting this info in my brain as she speaks... But she offers nothing and we say hi. Nash says hi. I say "Do you want to tell her your name"? Nash offers nothing...he is spent. She smiles and says that he has been so well behaved tonight, which lets us know she has been observing. PF Changs is not on the family friendly list...but it isn't a no no either. So I respond, yes it has been a good evening for behavior tonight! and leave it at that....she smiles, knowingly, and says Good Night Nash! And leaves.....

it's always the hit and runs that make us wonder, and also make us thankful


Kim Ayres said...

Yes, I wanted him to be verbal, and yes, he is now six, very verbal and now all of a sudden I want him to be quiet!

I always loved the old saying - "We spend the first couple of years trying to teach our children how to walk and talk, and the rest of their lives telling them to sit down and shut up..."

Sara said...

I absolutely LOVE that picture of Nash!!!!

Kate said...

What a wonderful day! I am so jealous that Nash's grandma's could be there for his special day - my folks and in-laws live very far away and it kills me to think of all the moments they've missed. But wow, what a great experience at the restaurant. I love the image of Nash chatting his way through his fellow diners. And yeah, you wonder about people like that woman.. she must know someone with DS. I love it when people approach me with the kids and ooh and ahh over Davey instead of the twins!

Nicole said...

Oh my boy, he just kills me! :) Squeeze him for us!

Mauzy said...

Hi Kim! Hey I don't have to tell him to "shut up" ( my second least favorite word.) as he now loves that word and says it to me. hmmm. The body is then placed in the bedroom.

Sara- I too love that pic, thanks!

Kate- well, close proximity in mileage with relatives does not a relationship make, believe was great that the two grandmas could attend though!

Nic- how are you doing without your main squeeze???? HUGS

Tammy and Parker said...

I loved reading about your day. We wonder too if Parker will ever be verbal.

And a speech therapist in the family! Wow! You really did luck out! =)

mom2rhett said...

Ha! Great story! I just love reading your Nash stories! What a beautiful child you have! Looks like you had a great spring break too! HUGS!!