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Sunday, March 18, 2007

It Must Be Spring

Well, close enough! Nash and Seger had their first creek experience today. It was about 45 degrees, sunny, and we went down to the lower 40 to clear out a 4 Wheeler trail for our neighbor that will go through our property too.

We cut seedlings and Seger got brave and entered the creek for the first time. After he got his creek-legs (its only about a foot deep right now) he started running circles up the bank and down the bank. Too fun!

Nash decided he wanted in the fun too. I didn't have creek clothes on him; thinking it was a bit chilly for this. But in he went wading and down he went in the mud.

The neighbors have a girl two years older than nash and a boy one year older who also had fun in the creek. Can't wait for our first spring bonfires! Jeff got started a bit early.............

Needless to say, both boys got a good warm bath! (ok, Jeff got a shower...)


~Melissa~ said...

How fun that you have that so close!

Anonymous said...

Wow, look at the mud, I'd say he had great fun.

Shelley said...

Oh that looks like so much fun. My Hannah would just love that mud - and the opportunity to roll around in it, make mud castles and perhaps a wee taste before quitting time!

Mauzy said...

It was so fun! Can't wait until this weekend!!

(Nash, Seger....get off the comment section!!)

Mauzy said...

Ok, mom just hijacked the blog comments back.

Question to you all the "blog" section appearing lower on your computer screen? I am getting comments that it isn't viewing right and would love your input! thanks!!

Betsy said...

We have a term for this in our house - its called "swamp dog!" -- I actually used to use "muddypuppy" as a nickname at some sites a long time ago!

It looks like they had a ton of fun -- from all the mud on Nash's clothes, to the big cheesy smile Seger is giving in that last picture, lol.