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Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Great Nashini predicts the 2007 NCAA brackets

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Ok, he did this Wednesday night with daddy at about 9pm (notice the yawns from Nash??) but I didn't figure out how to post a video (its long! about 8 min) from my new camcorder until tonight, and dang gone it, DUKE WHAT HAPPENED???????

IU, you better not follow suit!

anywho, it was fun to do!


Lisa said...

Duke and the General too...bummer!! I picked em both at least in the first round too. Sure enjoyed watching your boys make their picks! Thanks for, fun, fun

Lisa..Jamie's Mom

mum2brady said...

Nash - you have good taste - way to pick Brigham Young :) Jan - shame on you for telling him to pick Ohio State ;) I'd say BYU all the way - but they already lost - boo hooo.....

Darling video - sorry your team ain't gonna make it Nashini!!!!

Rebecca said...

What a great little clip. Nash does well with picking one versus another. I don't know much about sports, but he did a great job.

Tara Marie said...

Way to go pick those teams. I'm so out of the loop these days...I used to love the NCAA March Madness, now I have no clue who is in, who is out.

Nicole said...

My boy, always considering my feelings. I just LOVE him! :)