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Monday, January 08, 2007

Seger's First day at "work"

Seger went to work with his daddy today at Janus. So far he has made many friends, slept, and proudly roamed the halls....with daddy close by with the spot remover just in case. he is 10 weeks old today and 21 lbs.

We will be training Seger to be a therapy dog, which for his passive, loving nature won't take much work! First puppy classes, then obedience, then the Canine Good Citizen testing for therapy dog.

More details on his day later..............


Jessica said...

Have fun at work Seger!!

Laura & Ryan said...

Jan, he is too freakin cute! Hope Nash is still doing well.

Betsy said...

He is soooooooo cute and lovey!!!

Our puppy is 14 weeks old now,and weighs 26 lbs. He is sweet and gentle like Seger. He is such a fast learner, and knows "sit" "stay" "wait" "shake" "roll over" "heel", etc. He is already trained to sit and wait to be greeted when someone comes in. We got a brief outline of puppy kindergarten, and he already knows all the stuff!

I saw this quote, and thought you'd like it:

"We yearned for the pitter patter of little feet. So, we got a dog.
Its cheaper and you get more feet."
--Rita Rudner