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Friday, November 10, 2006

We have big news!!

First, our Gifts book has been picked up by Woodbine House Publishing!! Whoo Hoo! So if you haven't ordered one yet, better get one quick as the book is leaving and won't be available again until Summer 2007. Dr. Sears' wife, Martha, is writing our forward. They also have a child with Down syndrome, Stephen.

Second, guess what Nash told me impromtu tonight? "My birthday is February 16". Yep, pronouns, correct date and all! He was tested on his birthday, address, and phone number at our teacher conference last month, and I knew we (or his teacher) hadn't worked on those yet. So I printed out his birthdate yesterday, we repeated it a couple of times, I sent it to school today, and VOILA! So proud of him!

Well better go. I planted over 400 spring bulbs today and my ol' back is feelin' the pain. HOT TUB TIME.


Anonymous said...

Way to go Nash, those are great facts to know.

Tara Marie said...

Way to go Nash! Here is a link to a fun way to learn address and phone numbers.


and I hope you had a relaxing time in the hot tub and can't wait to see the gardens next spring!!!

Anonymous said...

WTG Nash! Heck, I can't even remember my birthday or phone number half the time!

Mauzy said...

So do you think now he will do the birthday month countdown? Better get the calendars out!

thanks TM, I am using the envelope idea now!