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Thursday, November 16, 2006


no, not you. Apparently I am.

Nash looked up at me last night and just said ......Butthead
So of course I did what every parenting book says NOT to do, and asked him "What did you just say" with a shocked look on my face.

him: Butthead
me: ok, that's what I thought.

Inclusion, what a wonderful thing.


Tasty said...

LOVE it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear! That's funny but not at the same time!

Mauzy said...

Stacy tell your BF to stop in and see me when she comes to Indy!!!

Jessica- yeah, its so hard to be a mad mom!

Tara Marie said...

LOL!!! Yup,,,,,they pick up all kinds of wonderful things!

Laura & Ryan said...

So, does that make Jeff "Beavis"?!
Nash is too funny. Love the pic of his new bro. Hope you guys are well.

Beth said...

Hey there,

Love the pictures of Segar. OHMYGOSH, it ALMOST makes me want to get another puppy.
"Butthead" is hilarious!
We're not coming to Indy for the Jude's ears afterall, but we'll come see you sometime anyway!
We're only about 90 minutes away, if that. Less if I'm driving! HA!

Anonymous said...

Yes, well Miss E is only exposed to her own siblings--not in school yet, and one of her favorite words is "butt" as she runs up and grabs one of ours.

I'm thrilled for the new language, but I could do without the booty grabbing.

Jen said...

Hysterical! I would have had the same reaction as you. Whenever I'm nursing Evan, his older brother Eli (18 months) walks around saying "booby". I know I should correct him but I'm too busy laughing. Where do you think he heard that word, after all?

Anonymous said...

Oh and you are! LOL