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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Nash hogs the stage...

At the Buddy Walk Chris Burke, of Life Goes On fame, was singing and asked others to join him on stage. Nash did just that, and more. He started singing into the microphone "Life Goes On".

Well the song ended, but Nash didn't want to Chris did the only thing he could do.....he carried him off!

Chris' face is in that expression because he just witnessed Nash sticking his tongue out at Daddy- he didn't want to leave!


Tara Marie said...

I just love these pictures and story! Nash, you truly are a gem! My little girl is going to try real hard to win your heart from all the other little girls who have a crush on you.

steph said...

Oh, my god, Nash's face is a hoot. Don't need a dictionary to read that thought...
What a stinkpot. : )

Mauzy said...

TM, as I tell all that set foot in Indiana seeking our son's hand in marriage; the biggest dowry wins ;)

Steph, first I just want to squeeze Noel. Second, stinkpot? oooooooooooooh you just wait! It's more like a cesspool. But alas, that might not be in the "syndrome" list you read to grandma and grandpa, so beware.....

PS can you come and take our family photo???

mum2brady said...

I just love it!!! Nash - you are a doll, and always make me smile with your antics - keep em' coming - I don't think your mom has enough grey hairs yet ;)

Beth said...

What a ham!
What great pictures.
I can't wait to meet Nash in person sometime. He sounds like my kind of kid. The "stinkpot" kids are always the most fun!