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Monday, July 31, 2006

Nash was tagged....

by his Buddy Brady! So here goes....

3 Things That Scare me -
1. bushes (I have no idea why)
2. nothing
3. nothing (I am Mommy I watch Wizard of Oz and love it!)

3 People That Make Me Laugh -
1. Mommy, Daddy and who ever else tickles me
2. Anyone telling me "don't laugh"
3. Those that say "They" are always so sweet...don't know me!! LOL

3 Things I love -
1. Mommy, Daddy
2. The Wiggles
3. Reading books!

3 Things I Dislike -
1. Not getting my own way!
2. Having to eat - unless its ice cream, chips or (insert food that daddy eats while we watch movies here)
3. Did I say not getting my own way?

3 Things I Don't Understand -
1. why I don't get my own way alllll the time.....(thanks Brady, I see we could be great buds!)
2. Why Mom wants me to eat veges
3. Why I shouldn't say "shut up" to everyone when I really, really, want them to shut up?

3 Things On My Floor -
1. my underwear I like to kick off
2. BOOKS, books and more books
3. not much else as I trained mom pretty well to pick up!

3 Things I'm Doing Right Now -
1. sleeping - it's after 9, you know!
2. not sweating, as I cant sweat, but should be as its over 80 in our house- for some reason!!
3. kicking the wall (ok, second sleep study coming up!)

3 Things I Can Do -
1. take a shower by myself!
2. Read about 40 sight words and a few new reader books
3. you look it up in a 4-5 yr skill level, I can do it!

3 Things I Can't Do -
1. drive mom's car
2. write my name, biggest delay mom says!
3. ride a two wheel bike

3 Ways to Describe My Personality -
1. oh, I am so ornery!
2. I can tell a good Knock Knock joke though!
3. Can be very loving and compassionate.....

3 Things I Think You Should Listen To -
1. "Talk to Nash" is my favorite sentence!
2. Styx! I know most of the words!
3. Signing times music and videos!

3 Things I Think You Should Never Listen to -
1. Dr. Phil
2. Dr. Laura
3. Chelle

3 Absolute Favorite Foods -
1. Chocolate
2. Chocolate
3. Chocolate

3 Things I'd Like to Learn -
1. To play a guitar like Murray
2. Drive a car
3. Put the key into the lock in the front door

3 Beverages I Drink Regularly -
1. Smoothies
2. Water
3. Lemonade

3 Shows I Watch On Occasion -
1. Sesame Street
2. Cody something....Daddy found it and I love the "big boy" shows now!
3. Wiggles

ok, and I tag...I don't know, Mommy has to go back to packing!!


Nicole said...

Cracking up out loud with Chelle. LOL LOL LOL And Nash's personality shining thru in your words. I think he might take after his Mommy!

mum2brady said...

The Chelle comment had me LOL! I'm beginning to read a common theme in all our meme's - I think all our kids like to get their own way - imagine that LOL I wonder where they learn that from ;)

Thanks for taking the time to play our game :) Good luck with your move - it sounds like you will have a wonderful home and neighborhood!!!!

RNP said...

So glad you played, Nash has a great personality.