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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Crazy, Hip Blog Mommas

Well I just joined a new group.- Crazy, Hip Blog Mommas I don't know why, as I am not crazy. I used to be a bit wild in my younger, pre-Nashtaters days; riding my Harley, second degree brown belt in karate, but I am pretty boring now. Nor am I very hip- though I like to keep hip people around me, so that might qualify. But I am a blog momma, so unless they send the CHBM police to personally inspect my personality and attire, I might pass.

I just love reading witty women blogs, and miss Chez Miscarriage On this now defunct blog, a woman named Getupgrrl mixed sorrow with biting humor to describe her efforts to have a child. I wanted to be her......without the infertility issues (but guess I had them too!) But she left bloggy land to continue on another path. Probably turning her anonymous blog into a book that will make her millions of dollars and finance her child's education, or buy herself a Harley.

So, if you want some whitty blogging, read the stories on CHBM. And tell them boring, mainstream Mauzy sent ya.


Laura Lynn said...

I wanted to stop by and thank you for checking in on the twins. The support and prayers from each person is so important and appreciated. I will keep your beautiful family in my prayers. Thanks again!

Nicole said...

You are HIP honey! :) Love ya!

Tara Marie said...

Hey, that is why I keep you around....cause your my Hip Blog Momma! Welcome to the group....I wish I was as witty as many of the Momma's on the blog-ring.

trisomymomy said...

Oh come on, you're hip! Welcome to the club. I too miss Chez Miscarriage. I would gladly buy it in book form even though I've read every entry.

KCB said...

I was talking to a friend and fellow blogger this weekend about ex-bloggers we miss, including Chez Miscarriage.

Congrats on being crazy and hip!