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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Periodic Chex.....

Nash has moved on from the "hovering" phase, where you have to be in the room or within eyesight in order to make sure the hall table gee gaws aren't swiped from sight, to the "periodic check" phase. Actually this change goes for both parent and child, as while we no longer have to "hover", Nash no longer desires to "cling" as much either (well, depends on the mood/day and if illness is present you know that all kids stick like velcro, and we like it).

So this is a typical conversation with "periodic check" in place, as was tonight as Big Dawg was at a DADS meeting, and I was attempting to finish stuffing photos into the belated thank you notes Nash and I worked on the other night for those that attended that really fun 5th gymnastics birthday party:

Nash: Mommy, where are you? (from living room watching the Blues Clues Holidays DVD that Daddy bought from ebay after the 300 time Nash asked to watch in post December)

Me: I'm in the kitchen

2 min later

Nash: Mom, what you doin'?

Me: Finishing your thank yous with pictures for the kids.

Nash: Mom?

Me: Yes Nash

Nash: Blue's Holidays, wheres my presents?

Me: Nash just because you are watching Blues Holidays doesn't mean it is actually the holidays - no presents until Christmas

I walk back to the bedroom.....while I hear Blue going on, there is no Nash voice/singing.....hmmmmmmmmmmm silence is trouble.....

Me: Nash?

Nash: Yes

Me: What are you doing?

Nash: Eating

Me: What are you eating?

Nash: silence

I go out and he has gone to the cupboard, gotten the Chex Mix out, sat down in front of the Tv in about 10 seconds flat.

Nash: Want some?

Gotta love periodic chex..............


Mom Of Three said...

Hey, at least he was willing to share!

RNP said...

This is a lovely store-and I agree so great he is willing to share some chex with his mommy!

Tara Marie said...

I love it!!!!

Nicole said...

Could he be any cuter? I want to visit soon! I miss you all. Love you!

Michelle said...

We'll share some chex mix with Nash any day! :) What a wonderful story!

mum2brady said...

Hee hee - thanks for the chuckle Nash! I'll share chex with you any day :)

Mauzy said...

Yes he shares Chex, but not chocolate!