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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Love and Lemonade..........

This morning Nash got up and came into bed with us at his usual 6:45am. We decided to give his Daddy a few extra minutes of sleep, so I asked Nash if he wanted to get up. Here was the discussion:

Me: Nash do you want to get up?

Nash: Yes, Mommy, come'on, let's go, bye Daddy, see you later. Shhhhh, close the door. Night Night. Mommy, I love you.

Me: I love you too baby. Do you want something to drink?

Nash: (padding to the kitchen, opening the refrigerator) yes, hmmmmmmm Gatorade, no, Lemonade. (goes to the shelf where the lemonade is and picks it up and puts it on the counter)

Me: How about some Juice instead?

Nash: No, Lemonade Mommy Please.

Me: (loving this conversation of course gives in) ok, here is your cup

Nash: (gets the ice for his cup out of the dispenser, not spilling it all over the floor as usual) Here Mommy, oh I need chair....(pulls his chair up to the counter)
ok. here goes.........careful, careful (pouring his lemonade, with spills) oh, oh, I get it...(gets down and gets a rag out of the drawer....climbs back up on his chair and mops up the spills) ok, better now.

we then go to the living room to watch our favorite morning show...Blues Clues...with smiles.

I remember when I thought this independence and playful banter might not ever I relish it each day, along with the love......


Tara Marie said...

I too love those conversations....they are like pure, spun gold!

I love Lemonade too Nash!!!