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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Certain Proof: A Question of Worth - a feature documentary

Only showing at certain film festivals now, hopefully I can find other showings and will update when I do.  Inclusion, its our childrens' right.   And it's what's right. 

Certain Proof:  A Question of Worth  is a feature documentary about three children living with severe communication and physical disabilities, who struggle against society in an emotional battle to prove their worth.

What if you couldn't speak?  Or use your hands?  How would you prove that you’re smart?   That you have an opinion?  That you matter?  
In Certain Proof:  A Question of Worth, we follow the lives of Colin, Kay and Josh, who because of Cerebral Palsy, face those very challenges every day.  Over the course of two and a half years, they work through the public school system as their mothers fight for their child’s right to be there.  Colin age 10, finds “No Child Left Behind” has exceptions; Kay, 13, combats harsh stereotypes inside middle school; and Josh, 6, faces continual doubt that he can learn at all.   For the mothers, convincing the public schools of their child’s potential seems to be an insurmountable obstacle.  It’s a daily fight simply for the opportunity to learn.  To find their voice, Colin, Kay and Josh must overcome the judgments of others more so than their own disability.

Trailer is here.....


Unknown said...

Thank you for sharing this Jan......

Ray Ellis said...


I'm the director of the documentary, "Certain Proof." Thank you for sharing information about the film on your blog. I just wanted you to know that the film will make its U.S. television premiere on the Starz Kids and Family Channel on Sunday, March 3rd at 8pm Eastern Standard Time. The film's website has more information about the film at
Thank you very much for your blog. Kind regards, Ray Ellis