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Saturday, October 28, 2006

Welcome to Holland, the song

Here is a song by Will Livingston found by Emma Sage's Mommy that I just love, and wanted to share. Its adapted from the Welcome to Holland story/poem written by Emily Perl Kingsley, mother Jason Kingsley who co-authored Count Us In

Click here to hear the song.

Here are the lyrics

"Welcome to Holland" c2004 by Will Livingston

You were set
You had made all of your plans
had the summer to yourself
you were off to Paris, France

Just to see
A place you thought you'd never be
and from the history to the food
right down to your parlez-vous

But as the plane is touching down
you start to look around
and you don't recognize this town
and then you hear

Welcome to Holland
This may not be what you had planned
but it's where we had to land today
we hope that you enjoy your stay in Holland

And I know, I know, I know
I'll grow to understand
The master's plan
right here in Holland

You've grown up
You've matured beyond those years
set aside your foolish doubts
cast away your childish fears

And now a wife
and soon a baby on the way
momma's got a month to go
but that boy won't wait another day

And as the doctors gather you around
to tell you what they've found
your heart
your heart nearly hit the ground

But ain't that the way life seems to go
you look one way your going down another road
Welcome to Holland

This may not be what we had planned
the cards just fell into our hands this way
we are merely potter's clay in Holland

And I've been here once before
I learned that God has
bigger things in store
for us in Holland