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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Down syndrome and adoption

I sometimes get hits on my blog from those that google Down syndrome and adoption, and wanted to get this information out there for those that may wonder where they can find babies with Down syndrome to adopt. Or maybe wonder who to contact to place their baby, who has been prenatally diagnosed, with a loving family in order to give their child the gift of life.

Robin Steele from the Adoption Awareness Program in Down Syndrome Association of Cincinnati stated they currently have birth families currently trying to make an adoption plan for their babies that are soon to be born, or have recently been born. Click on their link to view a wonderful video.

The National Adoption Awareness Program also provides a link for public and private agencies that have custody of infants or children with Down syndrome and are seeking adoptive families to provide loving homes for children with Down syndrome of all ages. The DSAGC can provide the following resources to birth families who may be considering releasing a baby for adoption:

• Information on Down syndrome

• Information on making an adoption plan

• Direct contact with birth parents that have made an adoption plan for a child with DS in the past

• Toll free number - 888-796-5504

• There are no fees for any of the services provided by the National Adoption Awareness Program.

Are you interested in adopting a baby boy or girl with Down syndrome? Do you have friends who might be interested? Are you interested in placing a prenatally diagnosed child for adoption in order to make another family's dream come true?

To contact Robin please call: 888-796-5504 or 513-761-5400 or email her at


Alice said...

What a wonderful and helpful post. It really made my day to read about such a great program. So many kids that are in need of being adopted are special kids. I wish more people understood that "special" means so much that is wonderful!

Leticia said...

Thank you for that important information. I'll post it on my blog as well to help someone who may be looking to adopt one of our wonderful children.

Brown Eyed Blessings said...

I just wanted to make sure you know about Reece's Rainbow too. They are a group that helps to place kids with Down syndrome who are waiting in other countries. We have a daughter with DS who we found out about through Reece's Rainbow. Their website is