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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Captiva Island, we miss ye!

Nash's spring break brought us to paradise last week; South Seas Island Resort, beach house number 29, in Captiva Island Florida. We flew into Ft. Myers and spend a full week in a wonderful four bedroom, four bath beach home just 15 feet from a private pool, and about 200 yards from the Gulf of Mexico beach.

Our biggest decisions were: Pool or Beach? Margarita or John Daly? Flip flops or beach shoes?

We had not experienced such a relaxing vacation with Nash ever, and I would highly recommend it over a Disney/Orlando trip or any other with children! Nash enjoyed playing in the pool with the few other kids on our private end, and we did go to the resort pool that hosts a couple of water slides, but was packed with children! wowza. We soon retreated back to our quiet domain.

We highly recommend Jensen's marina for renting boats to check out dolphins and manateesto cruise the islands as they have a wonderful operation and are most friendly. Restaurants we went to include the Bubble Room of course (ok food, wonderful desserts!) but highly over-rated and really not worth the wait. We went lunch the first day there and visited with Lori, one of my college buds, so it was fun. We went to a local Mexican restaurant once, and highly recommend the Mucky Duck for cocktails on the beach but go about 3pm after the lunch crowd and before dinner hits. We cooked out on the grill and ate steaks, brats and made sandwiches so didn't eat out all the time. The island is wonderful, but mealtimes can create chaos with the crowds.

Weather was wonderful for the most part; mid 70's but wow it was windy! Locals said it had been like that for three weeks; high tides and choppy Gulf waters. But the sunsets....aahhhhhhhhh

We returned to cool temps on Easter Sunday and Nash was able to make the Easter Egg hunt in the neighborhood.

The best spring break ever! Now my efforts will be to try and get BigDawg in a better mood; he hated Indiana weather before and now, well lets just say it ain't purty.

It was a peaceful time for the three of us.

Thank you Steve and Julia for allowing us to enjoy your special, and most wonderful beach home!!


Alice said...

Sounds wonderful. Great pictures by the way. Are you the photographer?

Miss Magic said...

So glad you are back... you've been missed. The pictures are amazing. I've been toying with just dumping my job and moving back to Florida and working at any Community College that will take me. These pictures don't help me do the rational thing, you know!

My name is Sarah said...

Wow, what a vacation. I love the sunset.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Jan...that seems like an absolutely idyllic vacation. I'm so very happy for you. Reality is always a bitter pill. But now you know what type of vacation suits your family best. Hint: It's the one that suits my family best too. :) Wonderful!!! Beth

Anonymous said...

Miss Hannah loves the beach - we took her to Blue Mountain Beach on the Gulf Coast (panhandle) last Thanksgiving. It was just the three of us and we had a wonderful, relaxing 4 days. Your photos are wonderful!

Tara Marie said...

a wonderful vacation indeed. I'm so glad you all had this magical time together just relaxing and enjoying the time together.

Lisa said...

Looks like a perfect getaway! I'm so glad you all had such a great relaxing few days together...and loved to read about it in your photos!

Monica said...

Love it :) So glad you were able to get away as a family. My favorite picture is the one of Jeff and Nash in the orange shirts with their sunglasses. Too much!

Mauzy said...

Yes I am the photographer, and I just had to come back today to relive the vacation. Its raining AGAIN in Indiana. sigh.