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Sunday, January 11, 2009

So you wanna see some Hoosier basketball?

Nash is playing on our local Upward Bound basketball league this year. It's a little bit less competitive than the Girls and Boys Club basketball he played with last year in first grade, and also is Christian based. It just seemed like a better fit for him this year, and he is playing on a team for first and second graders.

With only three practices, and right off Christmas vacation, they had their first game on Saturday. I have a video of them calling the players in, announcing their names before the game, which I will post later. But, drum roll........Nash got at least two baskets, some say three but I didn't see the third, and got the BEST OFFENSE star award for the team. Oh. My. God.

The boys on the team are so awesome. I didn't pass anything out about Down syndrome to the team, as well, now I understand why not many "older" kids parents are on the internet boards lately. It's just getting to be not such a big deal, and no time!

Coach Derek is the best! BigDawg talked to Coach before the practices started and told him that while Nash does have Down syndrome, he understands, can learn the game, and play, and just needs to be shown how it is done, not just told.

So ready to see one of Nash's baskets? Its a little blurry as we haven't figured out how to upload from our video camera yet, but Nash is the player in white shorts passing the ball in-bounds runs down the court, runs back, then gets the ball via rebound pass and dribbles down to the basket and SCORES! You might hear me say "I'm trying" because BigDawg yelled Go Nash! and Nash yells back "I'm trying"! as he is dribbling....oh so funny our guy.

how many ref's high five the players? Awesome!

Best Offense Award


AZ Chapman said...

I came over to take a break from tough chem homework and I am glad I did. AWw Jan that clip makes me smile. That takes me back to my younger days pre SO I got most Improved player on a christen girls basketball team in 8th grade .

wtg nash thanks for the vide now back to homework

Lisa said...

Love it! Love it! Love it! I'm so proud ;) Keep sharing!!

Kelly Zimm said...

Wow! That was so awesome to see him make those baskets! I loved watching these videos! They made me teary eyed, but I loved them!
Kelly (Layton's mom) from T-21 board

Kerria said...


All 4 My Gals said...

GO NASH, GO NASH! Marley and I just watched it with huge smiles on our faces. We love Nash!

Miss Magic said...

This is just awesome Jan...But is Jeff okay with a bball and not a fball player? :-). Awesome!

Betsy said...

OK - those made my day!!! What a great athlete he is! Such concentration and skill! Daddy must be so proud!

And you are right - those videos are not of a kid with Down syndrome playing basketball - they are simple of a kid playing basketball - no other labels needed!

Mauzy said...

Yeah, BigDawg is thrilled about Nash's love for basketball despite his college football background. We just want Nash to find what he enjoys doing, and this is obviously one of them. :)