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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

John Jr.

Today John would have been 48, my age. He didn't know it, but he and I were to be together in our lifetime...........


yes, he was the only one I would have ever cheated with. Just ask BigDawg, he knows.

I actually remember John Jr. saluting his dad during the funeral...on TV of course. Well, I think I do. That's what counts anyway.

I don't have celebrity gushes, fawn over fashion or follow tabloid gossip, but this is one faction of my life that I keep close; my crush on John-John....and I know I shouldn't call him that as he hated it, but I did, and do.

So Happy Birthday hunky hee man..............I hope you are doing ok. And yes, we WILL meet someday.


All 4 My Gals said...

He was an amazing person!

Lisa said...

Hey...I did not know this...but do know you have very good taste ;)

Jim is a big JFK fan and we were in DC when they had the memorial service at the National Cathedral after the plane crash...and yep, we went. So sad and wayyyy too soon. An experience I'll never forget.

Betsy said...

He was so handsome! So much tragedy has affected his family, and so many of them have done so much good for the world.

It would have been nice to see how his life turned out - especially since I now know you were his eventual destiny, lol.

I guess like Elaine Benes on Seinfeld, you would have never won The Contest with John-John around. :)