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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween Eve

Yes, I carved this puppy last year!

Today was a fun day! Nash is out on Fall Break, so I worked from home, got my brief hammered out, and went out to play.

Halloween is my second fav holiday next to Christmas. We usually go all out; dropping spiders on the porch, howling Halloween porch mat, Spider lights draped over the mantel and on the front porch. Well, those are all up again this year, and I added my annual "new" item; something gaudy and Halloween themed. This year it is a skeleton head coming up out of a trash can. Awesome, and half price!

Well the sad part of this year is that a major Halloween tradition is being broken; Big Dawg and Nash aren't doing their usual Halloween duo costume. Every year so far, except Nash's first Halloween, they have paired up. But Jeff is having minor surgery tomorrow, and will be flat-out on the couch during Halloween night. So their plans for Santa Clause and Jack Frost are bust. I started the Jack Frost costume, but after watching Spiderman this morning in bed (Jammie Day with me in the morning due to Fall Break!) he decided he wanted to be Spiderman. So off we went to buy a last minute costume. It seemed so, commercial. But Nash IS 7 now. So maybe I will have to relish in the past and reminisce with photos:

Here are the previous years:

October 2003 Nash was 2 Wags the Dog and Captain Feathersword

October 2004 Nash was 3 Donkey and Shrek

October 2005 Nash was 4 Eddie and Herman Munster

October 2006 Nash was 5 Scooby Doo and Shaggy

This is my fav next to Shrek/Donkey! Hagrid and Harry Potter!

So, tomorrow Nash goes off to play at our neighbor Wonderful Julie, and we will head to the hospital......... a different kind of scary


AZ Chapman said...

I hope the operation goes well. Happy Halloween Nash is soo lucky My dad or mom never dressed up Hope Nash enjoys tricker-treating without dad this year.