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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I nominate AZ! 5 Minutes for Mom is giving away an HP laptop.....and

Tammy was given the first prize and that is so exciting and well deserved!

Now we can nominate for another prize, and I nominate AZ Chapman! She SO deserves this laptop and printer given away by 5 Minutes for Mom- Blogs can change lives!

AZ is a self-proclaimed "Female teenager who has CP and a non-verbal learning disability, with some bouts of weird ocd" who enlightens us about disabilities, supports ALL in the special needs blogosphere, and is such a wonderful, amazing, insightful teenager.

We love her, she motivates us - the parents of younger children with special needs. SHE motivates US. SHE advocates for OUR kids. SHE does not let her disability control her, she takes control. Like she says, I don't have a problem. Nope, she certainly does not!

And she most certainly could use a laptop,

and a printer,

to assist her with her self-advocate posts on her blog, to help these old folk parents out with our kids, and in her school work as a junior in high school. I have no doubt she will be going on to college, and this laptop can help her write her entrance essays, as well as her papers in college.

We love you AZ and keep on spreading the good word!


AZ Chapman said...

wow I am in shock lately lap top would be nice for essay writings thank you I feel honored

Shannon @ Gabi's World said...

AZ is a great choice! I can't believe I never think of who to nominate until someone else already does!

Tammy and Parker said...

Great choice! I so glad you nominated her!

Nicole said...

Great nomination!