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Friday, June 13, 2008

Tim gone

Sunday mornings typically allow a Dad sleep in, and Nash and I head to the basement to do flashcards, read, watch a movie, a few giggles if I am awake enough and throw the ball to Seger until about 9, then the coffee beans are ground for the Sunday Morning political segment of the day.

I don't drink coffee, much.

This is for Jeff, in preparation for the Meet the Press hour, and Tim Russert. Its acually more than an hour, as more than one pot is consumed. More than 1 hour of arguing with those appearing on the Meet the Press hour, more than I can take usually for an attorney that does not like confrontation, unless it is self-induced.

I think hearing of Tim Russert's death will be much like "where were you when" (insert Shuttle explosion, John K Jr. missing/death etc.), in this family. I was at my desk at work, it's Friday the 13th, and I am ready to head out after a long week. The day before we had just attended calling hours at our brother-in-law's father's funeral and I was thinking how sad it is to lose your dad during father's day weekend.

Then my cell rings, it's Jeff heading for the house to relieve the sitter/tutor. He says "Tim Russert died". I can't believe it, as I didn't even get my CNN update in my email. What? I say gotta hit the internet.

It's true.

But what is so sad is that I wonder if Tim's wife and son knew about Tim's death before it hit the internet, as they were finishing their family vacation in Italy after Luke's graduation and Tim headed back to the states............and maybe weren't informed before the journalists took over. I so hope this isn't true.

Our Sunday's will never be the same. This election year will be, well, not even fathomable, with out his insight. And for the Russert family, I can't imagine the shock, the grief.

God speed Tim, you will be missed. But I will keep grinding the beans on Sunday in your memory.

UPDATE: Obituary Here


AZ Chapman said...

I am sorry about the loss in our household we watch this week with George S Happy father day witch reminds me You and jeff have been tagged by me so tell him to stop on by life and times