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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Thinking of Annette as Mother's Day approaches, and always....

July2007IRL 038
Originally uploaded by Nashtaters
and miss you honey.

I so love this pic of Shannon and Annette, July 2007.

Now I know Annette knew then, while she visited Indiana, that she was not going to beat the cancer beast. I didn't know then. I thought she would be with us forever.

Note to self. Don't listen to LeeAnne Womack's I Hope You Dance while reviewing pics on your flickr account.......


Anonymous said...

All my you and your dear friend.

She was amazing! I'm so glad I was able to meet her.


Miss Magic said...

Oh Jan,

I was just thinking about Tom and the boys. This mother's day is going to be a very rough one for them. I wish we could hug them and take away their pain.

That picture is just so beautiful...and she is still here. And, you certainly help keep her alive in our hearts and minds. Hugs to you!

Kris said...

Me too. ((((((hugs))))))

Lisa said...

Me three.

I had decided she knew at your house, I didn't realize at Shannon's too. I have thought so many times about hanging out in TM's room Friday night and I think it was Stephanie talking about a trial ... and her smiling her beautiful smile and making a positive comment like "you'll have to let me know more about it when you find out more" and then she said she was tired a little bit later and went to bed. When you first posted in December, I just knew she knew and thanked Tom to myself for helping give us that time with her.

What an amazing, amazing inspirational lady.