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Saturday, May 17, 2008

Meet our new friend, Ricky

When we focused on finding an inclusive minded school district, we wanted a house in a neighborhood, but still wanted a wooded area. So, lets see.

Inclusive minded school district
Neighborhood with kids Nash's age
more than one acre

Yes it was difficult to find but we did, and here we are two years later.

So, our added benefit is having our wild pets. We have deer, eagles, and raccoons. Our latest entertainment is having a regular on our porch; Ricky Raccardo, the raccoon. We had the porch door open and he was ready to join us in the great room tonight! Seger really wants to "meet" him, but I think not.

So here are the pics. We feed irregularly so as not to thwart wild feedings, but it is fun to watch. Tonight Ricky took a carmel rice cake from my hand. I know, bad. But we had a raccoon, Bandit, for a year as a pet as a child (see Mom feeding in Mothers day post) and its difficult to think of them as wild, but they are. So, don't do this at home!

Seger wants to visit

Ricky took the rice cake out of my hand


jessica said...

We have Rocky the raccoon here... except Rocky decided to get in our trash and scatter it across our yard!

Miss Magic said...

Now that is too cool!!! I'm very jealous :-). Wow!

Laura said...

Very cute, but I would be scared to see what "Jan with rabies" would be like! LMAO

Betsy said...

ha - too funny!

The only problem Laura, is that when she starts foaming at the mouth, Jeff is just going to shrug and think, "too much wine again"

mum2brady said...

LOL Laura - I had the same thought - except it was first - Wow Jan is brave, I'd be afraid that raccoon had rabies :) Of course I'm always the pessimist LOL What a cool new friend, and that you had a one as a pet as a kid - fun!

Nicole said...

How cool are you? Then I read Laura and Betsy's comments and realized, you're just a little too cool! LOL

The boys look great above as well.

Can't wait to see you SOON!