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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Slowly, Slowly said the sloth

ok, its 10 weeks later, and I won't reach goal, but we are moving in the right direction!

I just wish I could get motivated to up the exercise. But the lack of palm trees means we aren't going to Florida for spring break which dampened my enthusiasm a bit. But I will get there. Promise.


Kim Ayres said...

Your goal needs to be fit and healthy. Weight loss is then a side-effect of that. If the goal is just to be thin, it usually involves very unhealthy ways of being.

With warmth,


Tammy and Parker said...

Are you doing Weight Watchers? I've been on plan for two weeks now.

And....uh.....I have so much more to lose than you do to get my healthy self back. Who knew that three years of sitting on my butt with giant Dr. Peppers could do so much damage.


Mauzy said...

I am doing a modified weight watchers. Basically its called inputting the points when I remember! hee hee

I gained 40 lbs since starting back to work 3.5 years ago- sitting on my butt is right! Another reason to return to stay at home mom status,huh?

Kris said...

Keep up the GREAT work. I know it feels like it comes off slowly sometimes (well it does for me anyway), but you keep up the GREAT work. Just look how far you have come!