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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

17 month old can read thanks to Signing Time!

Not only did Signingtime help with Nash's signing vocabulary when he was 3, as he knew over 350 signs and could tell us what he wanted even though his speech was delayed, SigningTime helps children read earlier too. I knew that, but now the whole world knows thanks to the Today show.

Baby’s got book! Tot shocks parents by reading
An amazing 17-month-old girl rekindles the nature-versus-nurture debate

CLICK HERE to read and see little Elizabeth reading.


AZ Chapmen said...

that is amazing Jan I saw it on the signing time website before Can you stop by my blog I would like to hear what you think about inclusion. It will be more clear once you visit t

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Signing Time is fantastic, but honestly, they don't get the credit for this one. Seventeen-month-old kids are just not developmentally capable of learning to read unless they have some pretty unusual gifts (or are hyperlexic, which was ruled out in this case).

Mauzy said...


Signing Time, or just signing does get credit for early reading.

Generally speaking, right…..we think that a 17 month old is not capable of “reading” . She happened to have the verbal skills to tell the world she can read at 17 mo old.

If you want to see a child "reading" that cannot speak, but signs the words, go to the link at the end of this comment. Jennifer has Down syndrome so she has speech delays, but at 21 months, she is "reading" and shows she can "read" with signs.

So, care to re-think?

also, you don't need to be anonymous as these critics are common so you won't be flamed.