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Friday, February 29, 2008

Just an Update

I have had a hectic last three weeks at work, then we had our Nash Annual IEP that was FANTASTIC! To all those that worry about annual case conferences; I can't say enough about our Noblesville/White River team! It was awesome and when I get one hour to sit down and write about it I will. It was an IEP that should have been videotaped.

Then after the IEP, work for a bit then I went to our IDSF Parent Meeting that night for a 3 hour conference that had a wonderful turn out- about 80 educators and parents on the topic of EDUCATING YOUR CHILD WITH DEVELOPMENTAL DELAYS. Yee Hah! I was worried as the promotional flyers I sent out from work kept getting returned. Nash's principal was there a well as a majority of 2nd grade teachers- Nash's possible teacher for next year. So all the hard work was worth it.

Right now work is demanding; Jeff and I are juggling schedules to try and make being good parents and adding homework to the mix, along with Nash being sick. wow.

I so want to just to be the "be at home" or "work from home" parent. It gets more difficult instead of easier the older Nash gets with after school basketball, more homework, and the long one plus hour drive to and from work on my end.

I have to figure something out.


AZ Chapmen said...

Jan [I am so sorry that nash is sick.

Congrats on the IEP I can't wait to hear about it How was nash b day party btw, After school sports or weekend sports is a tuff thing to handle. When mid-sis entered middle school My mom and dad limited us kids to one sport per season. It has lighted up are schedules quite a bit although weekends are still busy with games and club practices. Why not do that for sir Nash now? Hw is one of the downside to mainstreaming. I am here to tell you that it gets much harder as you move up in school. I tutor him but alas I live far away . Hope this info has helped you and Jeff

Amy said...

That's such great news about the IEP. We just had a nightmare IEP in my "enlightened" school district. Perhaps we should move to Indy....

I know what you mean about work/home/school/sports juggling. Good luck with that.

mum2brady said...

Jan - wish I had advice for working from home to have more time with Nash! I need to figure something out for us too, as the older the kids get, the more expensive they get!

Nash is doing so great - loved his spelling test and all the above articles.

I hope that you can find something so you can have it all :) (although there really are days I wish there was less homework ;)