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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ibuprofen and Canines

If you found this because you googled Advil Ibuprofen dog canine poison ingestion vomiting


Ibuprofen is poison to dogs.

Seger ate about (who knows how many) Advil tablets on Tuesday. He loves to chew and if I don't leave a toy of the day in the house, he will go nuts. He did. He found the Advil next to my bed. I was a bad mom as I didn't put the lid on very well after I took some Monday morning as my shoulder is really hurting these days.

Jeff came home on Tues as usual and Seger greeted him. Seger then threw up. Jeff found the top of the Advil in the living room. The bottle with about 12 pills left was in the guest room where Seger loves to hang out looking out the window lying on the guest bed.

After calling the vet, we headed to the emergency vet. Seger was still acting fine, but then vomited twice in the panic hour we spent at the emergency vet waiting to be seen by a vet.

Two days, two catheters, many IV's and lots of prayers later, Seger is home and fine. No kidney damage shown by 2 full blood panels. Its been a blur........ but 1500 later, we know we would do it all over again. The reason Seger lived was his good health, young age and prompt response. Plus he's our other son and we wouldn't have it any other way.


~Melissa~ said...

I'm glad he's okay! What a scare!!