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Friday, December 21, 2007

Our trip to say goodbye…………

Shannon and I hit the road about 11am on a cold winter day, December 18th. We both had Mapquest directions in hand, heading to Gelph ONT for Annette's funeral where we were asked to speak, and were there to represent our Tri21online ladies. We had lots of tissues packed, and a wonderfully written eulogy in which to honor our friend Annette, thanks to Shannon. Her words spoke for all of us.

While on the road I learned many things:

I learned that neither Shannon nor I have any sense of direction as we both shout “There is the turn” as we pass it. Maybe it the perimenopause thing, or my ADD, but WE NEEDED A MAP. We turned off 94 too early and ended up in Detroit going up. But it was fine; I was texting for help and sending Thelma and Louise joke pictures via cell.

I learned Shannon can sing, and I cannot.

I learned truck drivers like the over 40 ladies as we got honked at twice! Whoo hee! (ok, it was Shannon but I can pretend)

I learned that you don’t really have to show your birth certificate at the Canadian border. Shannon showed her passport and she looked really official so I was let through……..until I yelled WHERE IS THE CRACK PIPE! Hee hee

I learned that my favorite new song is Warren Zevon’s MY SHIT’S FUCKED UP, cuz it is. But don’t play KEEP ME IN YOUR HEART unless you want to sob uncontrollably. That is my “Annette” song now……

I learned that Annette has so many friends, family and loved ones that care for her that the church was overflowing.

I learned that Annette’s dad is the most sweet soul, and her sister Lisa is a kind, loving gal like our Annette. They accepted us like family and we felt the bond immediately.

I learned that I like lobster bisque soup as Shannon and I decided we needed a night on the town on the way back and stopped in Lansing MI, stayed at the Raddisson, ate filet, rib eye and King Crab legs and I drank a 59. bottle of Pinot Noir that was sooooooo good now I will break the bank buying wine! Thanks Shannon!

I learned that even ugly guys from the UP try and pick gals at bars!

I learned that even I am full of ignorance. I will let Shannon tell that story!

I learned that we should have had Shannon’s 8 year old Maddie in the back seat the whole time as when we picked her up she held something up and said “What are you doing with an Atlas in the back seat”? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

I learned that the most difficult thing to do is saying goodbye to a friend that shouldn’t have died, and trying to make sense of it all while looking at her wonderful husband and boys………wondering how they are going to survive. But they will, and we will, and we will keep her in our hearts, forever.


AZ Chapmen said...

sounds like it was a hard but fun trip. Hugs to you Merry Christmas how is sir nash doing

Anonymous said...

I'm glad your trip was full of memory building events, still sad about the purpose of trip of course.

hugs, r

Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

That was beautiful. Kitty