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Saturday, November 03, 2007


One of my favorite shots of Nash taken by moi

And the whole series is here

After seeing his school photo, and thinking of how he is just leaps and bounds above where he was a year ago academically, I thought of this shot and how worried I was about his future back then, when he was 10 months old.

Do I still worry? Yep. But today he took his B level reading books to the couch, opened them up and started reading. These are SCHOOL books. And he read them to himself, by himself. First time. He will read these level books but only with prompting and me sitting next to him, well at home anyway. He loves his other books but makes up most of the "reading" as he goes. Tonight he read. Read. Wow.

And another huge milestone was riding his two wheel bike through the neighborhood, through the dirt path/woods to the other neighborhood, and back home. He got tired toward the end, and walked Seger on the leash, but he did it. We use the Fat Wheels for now, but he rides alone.

I am so proud of my Nashtaters.


Dori (Aviva's mommy) said...

WOW what a cutie.

WTG on the Aviva's first grade class there are students who are not really reading to those reading chapter books. Nash would fit in perfecly.

And riding a BIKE wow what a great month for him...

Keep up the great work Nash!

Betsy said...

I LOVE this baby picture of Nash, and look forward to seeing it every year!!! He is so adorable.

Don't you wish you could just bottle up that knowledge and wisdom he has given you over the past 6 years, and give it as a "welcome baby" gift to new families?

So many worries at first, and so many of them unfounded - the rest put aside by sheer joy

Tammy and Parker said...

I was just thinking of this picture.

He's doing such wonderful things!
Give him a hug from us!

Mom to Rhett said...

I thought of that picture when I got Rhett's halloween pumpkin picture....that consisted of his feet, the cement and the pumpkin falling off of the steps.....sigh...

Congrats on all of the new milestones Nash!!

I sometimes worry about Rhett's future then I come here, and I am all warm and fuzzy again!!


mum2brady said...

I am proud of your boy too! He is just so amazing Jan, and so inspiring! WTG on both reading and riding your bike Nash!!!

And - I just LOVE that pic of him in the pumpkin - it is so precious and just melts my heart :)

And now, he's so grown up - where does the time go???