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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Football.....its over but hey, its the pictures that matter right?

Nash's season ended a month ago but my scanner didn't work to upload his picture. I just was so tickled at this as he never smiles so big for pictures- you know he loves his football.

Here is a link to one run he made this year....and his buds.


Nicole said...

Oh Jan, that is an INCREDIBLE picture! Can you send me a hard copy please?! Love you! Nicole

Betsy said...

What a great picture!! He is so sweet - you should be so proud of him.

I know all the "young" ladies fight over who gets him, but I just read his stats on T21, and ya know, Paige will be 11 in March and she is 50 inches tall and just over 50 lbs (square like her mama!), so even though she's an older woman, he might want to add her to his list of babes...

Karen said...

He looks so happy, with his football! It's so nice to get them involved in something they love. Our Micah is musically inclined, but loves sports as well.

AZ Chapmen said...

love that pic wish I had one like nic. come vist. is it basketball for sir nash now

Mauzy said...

Aunt Nic- of course just let me put this on my todo list in 2008

Betsy- Our mantra is "the one with the best padded special needs trust wins"! Oh and his daddy married an older woman remember.

Karen- Nash loves music, and thinks he wants to play the violin. Hmmmm I will have to think on that one as a football is pretty quiet.

AZ- Yes it is now going to basketball...he loves basketball. I will post a video on here soon...