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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Donate to IDSF and Dash with Nash!

Yes, it's that time! Buddy Walk 2007 and for IDSF its our tenth anniversary. So go to that change drawer, reach in those pockets and donate to our team Dash with Nash! The money goes toward Indiana Down syndrome Foundation programs, new parent packets which include a copy of GIFTS and IDSF family events.

Yes, you get a t-shirt if you donate 50$ whoo whee! And you also get a wonderful thank you card from the Nash man. And hey, if we get first place Team we get to be Grand Marshall** Double Whoo Whee

And, special drum roll here, if we win first place as a team in dollars raised, the entire team picture will be on the 2008 Buddy Walk brochures. Right now we are in 5th place- with a long way to go so let's get to it if you haven't donated!

Click Here to donate or join the team to Walk October 13th!


Shelley said...

Oh I like the idea of a thank you from Nash - do you send those yourself or are they automated through the fundraiser?? We are joining in the Buddy Walk here for the first time this year and I'd like to steal that idea for any donations Hannah musters.

Mauzy said...

Nash sends personal thank you cards to everyone that donates...they also include pictures from the Buddy Walk.

Shelley said...

Thanks. A great idea - I'll definietly be doing something similar for Hannah as our familya nd friends have already started donating to her Hero Page which is lovely of them but i must say I always feel a bit embarrassed asking for donations.

Nicole said...

I'll dash with Nash. :)

Tammy and Parker said...

I love the picture!

And.........HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Tara Marie said...

I love the name of Nash's team.

Thinking of you.

Lisa said...

Great team name! Hope you had a wonderful birthday youngster ;)

Anonymous said...

I signed my family up to Dash with Nash. We are so excited!!!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful photo! Love it!