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Friday, August 17, 2007

Rest in Peace Brisben

Seger's cousin, Brisben, left for Rainbow Bridge yesterday. He was loved so much by his Daddy John, and all of us. Here is his euegy from John sent out today:

With a mountain of sorrow and much pain I regret to announce the passing of my beloved little man. Bris went to doggy heaven yesterday afternoon to be with his pals Jessie and Yogi…… The B man was the consummate BIG dog trapped in a LITTLE dog suit. He was cheerful in all weather and his unconditional love and loyalty was above and beyond the call of duty…

He was the pup of his mother Gizzy and fathered by sneaky neighbor dog. He is survived by his peeps, John and Amy. Brother hound Hunter and sister kitty’s Ruby, Bitty and his lifelong pal Ms. Oprah…..

Brisben was laid to rest on the hill in the cow pasture under his tulip tree that he and I planted 13 years ago. It will afford him afternoon shade and allow him to keep watch on the house so he can continue his guard dog duties for eternity. We will call it B’s tree from this day forward. Thank you all for being a part of this little “guy’s”life………………..


Tara Marie said... in peace Brisben. That has to be the best pet eulogy I have ever read. It sounds like Brisben had a wonderful life and he will be missed dearly.